Resume (last updated: Oct. 2013)

  • Name
    Boyan Stoyanov
  • Date of Birth
    Oct. 1985
  • Nationality
  • Home Town

Advanced experience with JAVA


Gaining experience w/ C/C++

DOS, MySQL, Clojure (LISP), Fortran, Python, Maple, HTML, PHP, JSON, XML

Basic experience with DOS, MySQL, Clojure (LISP), Fortran, Python, Maple, HTML, PHP, JSON, XML

SMM, SEM, SEO, PPC - 4 year experience

Social Media & Search Engine Marketing, On-Page SEO, AdWords PPC

Drupal, WordPress

Working experience with Drupal and WordPress

Windows, UNIX

Experience with Windows- and UNIX-based operating systems

Reporting. Project, budget and campaign management

Reporting, project, budget and campaign management skills, acquired at work

Client communication skills

Communication with clients both in verbal and written form

Writing and drawing

Writing and drawing, acquired at school and university, as well as individual practice

English language

Fluent reading, writing and verbal skills in English

German language

Fluent reading, writing and verbal skills in German

JAVA & Android intensive training

Imperia Online
13.05.2013 – until now
Intensive JAVA course at Imperia Online Training Camp (w/

SEM Specialist

Hop Online
15.03.2010 – until now
Project, budget and campaign management, reporting, communication with clients

AdWords account coordinator

CallPoint New Europe
17.08.2009 – 15.03.2010
Project, budget and campaign management

Technical implementation

Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP), BAS
10.10.2007 – 01.02.2011
Research, report preparation, translation, e-mail and phone communication

Support staff, Bartender

Confectionery Factory, Discotheque and Supermarket
10.2005 – 09.2008
Worked at several places in Germany and Bulgaria as a support staff and bartender

Additional information

Between 2004 and 2006 I lived in Aachen, Germany. There I took classes in Physics and Architecture and was working as a support staff at several locations. This experience gave

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